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Managed IT Service Providers in Maine & New Hampshire

Break away from break-fix computer support; reactive choices end up robbing you of money, valuable time and potentially expose your business to greater risk. Custom Computer Services & more will work with you to align your technology with your business goals, reduce redundancy, improve collaboration and productivity and help you to be more secure. As Managed IT Service Providers covering Maine and New Hampshire, we supply you with the functions of an IT department without the personnel overhead. Find out what Managed IT Services can do for your business.


  • Greatly reduce unexpected IT costs while reducing costs overall
  • Increase productivity with regular maintenance
  • Mitigate IT security risks
  • Implement the right technology solutions for your business
  • Provide a reliable and responsive help desk
  • Set your business on the path of planned success


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Three Steps You Can Take to Protect Your Data in the Cloud

Three Steps You Can Take to Protect Your Data in the Cloud

Moving to the cloud offers tremendous benefits for SMBs that can range from lower IT costs to anytime access to data and certainly more reliability in terms of uptime. But, data in the cloud is also vulnerable to security threats just like the data stored on physical servers. Here are three things you can do to protect your data in the cloud. Read more...

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