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Layered security is a must in today’s threat climate and we have solutions:

Security threats are everywhere and not always readily apparent; at least until the damage becomes evident. Risks have come a long way since the first viruses and worms. Today’s concerns are driven by lucrative business models to steal information and market it for a high price or hold your data for ransom.

Single viruses are now typically just one piece of today’s Trojans which deliver a payload of any combination of threats: viruses, backdoors, key loggers, screen scrapers, bots and other programs designed to work in unison and on set schedules to harvest information and make it accessible to criminals. Network perimeters are pounded by brute-force attacks attempting to remotely access resources or prevent others from doing so by creating a DoS attack.


Bring Your Own Device

Because of BYOD employees use all manner of personal devices and software to access your company data; in many cases, these are not well-protected and may be used in ways that put them at particular risk. Most businesses have little insight into who is accessing data or where that data is going. Wireless networks are sniffed for information and rogue wifi networks are broadcast among legitimate ones where unsuspecting or careless users connect only to have all their internet traffic exposed to the host.



Email remains a primary means of communication for business and data thieves recognize this, so infected spam and phishing emails remain serious threats with upper management being some of the most targeted and compromised users. With the rise of text message communications, another vector for compromise has been created whereby malicious URLs, infected attachments and SMiShing campaigns are launched.



Almost daily another organization suffers a data breach. Repercussions can destroy a company’s reputation and financial standing via substantial fines levied by various governing agencies when personally identifiable information is compromised—then there are damages and law suits. Does your company retain PII?

If you are concerned, security delivered through Managed IT Services is a start to solid footing. We will help you establish and document procedures for management of devices and information to limit your risk and show due diligence when a breach occurs. We will help you to identify your vulnerabilities and harden your defenses.

Security is a must for today’s networks; however, it need not be cumbersome to you or your users. A combination of software, hardware and user training can make your data less vulnerable to loss or theft almost transparently from the end-user’s perspective.

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