Think you are too small to be a cyberattack victim? Think again!

by admin July 5, 2022

Think you are too small to be a cyberattack victim? Think again!

SMBs are increasingly becoming targets of cybercriminals because their cybersecurity measures aren’t typically as strong, sophisticated, or effective as those of large companies. Often, SMB owners tend to think they are too small to be targeted; in fact, their size and lack of cybersecurity measures make them an easy target for cybercriminals. This blog focuses on what small and medium-sized businesses need to understand about cybersecurity.

Resource Limits
One of the first things to understand is that no matter how lucky or careful you are—cybersecurity breaches are bound to happen. You are, at any point in time, just one mistake away from having your network data compromised. While this truth is the same for organizations of any size, as an SMB the impact on your business, revenue, and brand is likely to be far greater when compared to a larger company with teams of people and financial resources to address the problem. As a small company, you have valuable data on your employees and customers. If a cybercriminal can infiltrate your network undetected and remain there for several days, weeks or longer, they can not only potentially access that data, but also learn valuable information about your network that could assist them in carrying out other attacks well into the future.

Constant Evolution
The other aspect to consider is that the landscape of cybercrime is constantly changing. With attacks constantly evolving to take advantage of vulnerabilities, new tools are developed to prevent and detect them. Cybercriminals in turn look for new ways to make inroads to valuable data in spite of the protection methods implemented. So, you need to be constantly on your guard to keep up with them and fortify your IT infrastructure from a security perspective. Even if you buy lots of tools, they require monitoring and maintenance to keep them working and be sure they are doing their intended jobs. Can you do all that and run your business? Why not partner with a trusted managed service provider to advise and assist you with this burden.

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