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Founded on the principal that small businesses have many of the same technology needs as larger companies, Custom Computer Services & more delivers Managed IT Services to companies with smaller budgets and no in-house IT department.

Like most small business owners, you do your best to purchase the right equipment, software and services; configuring and maintaining it to the best of your ability. However, it is impossible for you to stay abreast of best practices and solutions.


When IT problems or questions arise, who can you turn to for business-oriented solutions?

Certainly technical support from the big-box retailers may offer recommendations, but can they give you the best advice on how to setup and maintain your network from a business perspective? Break-fix services fall short in providing long-term, proactive IT solutions, leaving you vulnerable to a technology shipwreck at the most inopportune time.


Your Technology Consultant and Partner

Custom Computer Services & more is one of Maine’s top Managed Service Providers with the experience to help you manage your small business infrastructure professionally. As a Managed Service Provider, we are able to keep your systems up to date and monitored for security and performance issues. We will help you use your existing technology to best advantage and upgrade it all in a way that lays a solid foundation for the future growth of your business. We partner with you to grow your business and increase efficiency so you can spend more time minding the business!

We are just a phone call or email away, and provide a responsive, friendly help desk for your users. Support is local, personal and provided remotely—unless an on-site visit is required or preferred. We know that delayed response time impacts your business’ productivity and operation costs; we pride ourselves in resolving IT issues as quickly as possible to keep your business up and running.


Managed Service Providers Plan for Future Growth

Custom Computer Services & more, LLC has its roots in Yankee pride, tenacity and ingenuity. Our clients benefit because we take pride in our work and have a vested interest in your business. When difficult situations are encountered, we work with you to reach suitable resolution and get you back online as quickly and reliably as possible. We implement best-practice solutions in standard configurations allowing you the best opportunity to avoid surprises when you need to upgrade.

We'll help you navigate the tumultuous sea of technology solutions. Hire us today!